Waterfront At Faber Photo Gallery


The elegant apartment unit is an open book, waiting for you to write your story. The residences are endowed with spaciousness. They enable owners to design the space according to their own requirements, and make their dream home even better. High ceilings paired with expansive windows bring in generous views of the river, complementing the beauty within. In addition, flexible furniture decks empower you to maximise the usable space and transform it to your liking.


Enter a forest of luxurious facilities enclosing a magnificent clubhouse that promises a wealth of fine moments, whether it is an intimate gathering of hearts and minds, or a grand function for worthy celebrations. Should you choose to take the festivities outdoors, the Coastal Pavilion takes the fun to a whole new place. After the activities, you may retreat into the lush, soothing embrace of the Forest Spa for some well deserved pampering.

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