Symphony Suites Floor Plans

Types of Bedrooms in Symphony Suites: 

2-bedroom A1/A1a,  64 sqm (689sqft), 180 Umits
3-bedroom B1/B1a/B2/B2a, 73-74 sqm (786-797 sqft), 180 Units
3-bedroom Premium C1/C1a/C2/C2a 83-85 sqm (893-915 sqft), 150 Units
4-bedroom D1/D1a 95 sqm(1023 sqft), 150 Units

symphony suites 2Br(A)

2 Bedrooms Type A1, A1a

symphony suites 3Br(B1)

3 Bedrooms Type B1, B1a

symphony suites 3Br(B2)

3 Bedrooms Type B2, B2a

symphony suites 3Br Premium(C1)

3 Bedrooms Premium C1, C1a

symphony suites 3Br Premium(C2)

3 Bedrooms C2, C2a

symphony suites 4Br(D)

4 Bedroom Type D1, D1a

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