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Architecture/Lifestyle Concept

70 Saint Patrick's Architectural objective from the onset was to create unique living spaces in condo units that are very different from the usual configuration thus producing a variety of options that suit different lifestyles. The creation of vastly different internal layouts necessitated a departure from the usual rectilinear block layout. Both front and rear façade of the unit should have views and ventilation to the landscape area, effectively providing the unit with dual view and through ventilation. 

To achieve this for 2 units for every block, a “boomerang” block form is created with 2bigger units at both "wings” enjoying the dual view. Another 2 smaller units are located at the centre with full frontage to the main vista. The blocks are mirrored and rotated around each other to achieved a “pinwheel” shape which when put together allows blocks to flow towards each other in an organic form. This “pinwheel” shape relies on its geometry to allow all the units in the various blocks to have unblocked view out towards the landscape area from the front and rear façade. 

One important result of using the layout strategy is the creation of a myriad of landscape zones and distinct landscape areas. Thus ample opportunities are provided to provide the residents with different zones of landscape facilities with distinct flavours and characters.

pool with gym fnl LR
bio pond dusk fnl LR
Balcony v2
3 bedroom master bedroom
kitchen v3

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