Essential Information for EC Buyers (Applicants)

Executive condominiums (EC) were introduced by the government in 1995 to meet the housing aspirations of the growing number of graduates and young professionals. They are strata-titled apartments built by the private sector and has similar facilities to a private condominium.


There are restrictions for the first few years such as eligibility conditions similar to those for HDB flats, and a minimum occupation period before the flat can be sold. Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA)


Eligibility Conditions (to buy from developer)

  • Citizenship
  • Age
  • Family Nucleus
  • Income Ceiling
  • Special Requirement for Undischarged Bankrupts
  • Ownership in Private Property
  • Owners/Ex-owners of HDB flats / DBSS flats / EC units

Household Status

  • First-timer Applicants
  • Second-timer Applicants

Time Bar

  • Existing Owner or Ex-Owner of an HDB Flat
  • Ex-Owner of an EC
  • Essential Occupier
  • Divorcees
  • Cancellation of Application After Booking a Flat
  • Bought an EC/DBSS Flat with CPF Housing Grant

Conditions after Purchase

  • Conditions after Purchase

Buying an Executive Condominium from Open Market

  • Eligibility Conditions
  • Procedure to buy

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